A trendy Bloncho gets a signature look.


Traditional blankets used in facilities always drag on the floor, get caught in the wheel of the wheel-chair, and touch contaminated surfaces exposing children to potential infections.  Our L.M.Bloncho™ uniquely contours around the child’s body, extending to a foot pouch for the feet to slide into, with arm slits for easy access and a front pocket!  The front pocket stores personal favorite items, such as toys, candy, pacifiers, etc.

You get it, just about anything that gets lost in traditional blankets.

Suggested use includes:

  • During wheelchair/ stretcher transport throughout the facility

  • During transport to clinics and appointments, in and outside the facility. 

  • In bed and at the bedside chair

  • Car Seats/ Traveling/ Airline travel

  • Stroller rides

Just for children! We have developed a special line with glow in the dark thread, a light strip on the front pocket. Why?

It’s always so sad and unfortunate, but children get sick and many times are hospitalized.  We get it, thus we have created a special line with glow in the dark thread and light strips for young toddlers and children to use both in and out of the hospital.



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