Our company works with the world’s best designers, which just so happen to be located right here in the United States.  Our products are made in the U.S., the manufacturing companies we work with take extreme measures to hire veterans. 

LMBloncho™ is designed in Versailles, Kentucky and manufactured in the U.S.A.  The LMBloncho™ is a full body blanket-poncho combination without the bulk.  Our patent pending, one of a kind bloncho is ideal for individuals’ in wheelchairs, children in car seats/strollers, and adults traveling or attending outdoor sporting events. 

Buy one for yourself or all of your friends!                  

The LMBloncho guarantee, 100% satisfaction with a life-time guarantee and replacement!



DSC_7239 (2).JPG


Special full body blanket and poncho designed for individuals in wheelchairs.  With Arm slits, a foot pouch, and front zippered pocket.


One quick motion, over the head and down to the feet.  We have extensive experience designing blonchos for children that can be used in car seats, strollers, and just to keep warm and dry! Plus...10% of all proceeds from our childrens size blonchos goes towards pediatric cancer research. 



For your family to have an unforgettable experience, the Outdoor Bloncho is perfect to provide warmth and dryness during all outdoor activities.